The club owns approximately 4-1/2 miles of the Restigouche River (both the New Brunswick and Quebec sides) and a short section of the Upsalquitch River under a grant by Act of Parliament. Records are maintained at the Camp of fishing since 1895 and may be of assistance to you in your fly selection. Fishing is restricted to fly fishing only (wet or dry) under applicable Canadian laws. The fishing regulations of the province of New Brunswick govern the fishing at Camp Harmony.

Due to the width and depth of the water, most fishing is done from canoes. Eight canoes and eight guides are available for a maximum of eight rods. The guides, generally of Scotch Canadian extraction, speak English and are experienced fishermen from the area. You may elect a split-rod arrangement between two fishermen, if you wish, provided that only one person is fishing at any given time. There is an additional charge for room and board, or for a split-rod, or for more than eight in the party.

The Daily fishing periods are 9:00am to 1:00pm in the morning and 6:00pm to 9:00pm or until dark in the evening.

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Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle is not supplied by the Camp Harmony, the sportman will usually bring two or more rods. We use 8 or 9 weight lines. Sinking lines are used in early part the season. Camp Harmony has a fully equipped fly shop with hundreds of flies in every size and pattern suited for the Restigouche, we also have tapered leader of all strengths, leader material, fly lines. and backing, etc.


Our Clubhouse consists of a nine-sided structure with central living room and dining room area, and two wings, one overlooking the Restigouche River and the other overlooking the mouth of the Upsalquitch. These wings and an adjacent cottage provide sleeping accommodations consisting of eight private bedrooms with seven bathrooms with tub and/or shower, hot and cold running water and electricity throughout. Ceiling fans, electric baseboard heaters, electric blankets and smoke detectors have also been provided; The Camp has a fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, freezer and laundry facilities as well as an icehouse for storing fish.

The Camp is staffed by personnel who have been with us for many years, including the Manager, cook, maid, laundress, cleaning help and yard attendant. Your laundry will be done daily on the premises.

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Daily Schedule

Breakfast is normally served at 8:00am with your choice of juices, cereal, fruit, eggs, bacon, ham, biscuits, toast, etc. Trout brought in from fishing are also prepared. A full course lunch is served between 1:30pm and 2:00pm and a hot and cold buffet dinner is left out at night for your evening meal after fishing.

The Manager and Kitchen staff will discuss menu selections and dietary issues with you in an effort to meet your needs.


Campbellton has adequate shopping for most clothing, liquor and sundries that you might require, although not all brands of American cigarettes are always available. Matapedia has a good liquor store for most basic items, including modest imported wines. All stores will accept US dollars and major credit cards, usually at a fair exchange rate, so Canadian money is not essential. The Manager will be glad to advise you on these matters.


Campbellton Regional Hospital in Campbellton, New Brunswick, is a relatively new facility and very adequate to handle minor items and emergencies.